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SUP surfer
 If you love SUP as much as we do and spend every possible moment in the water then at some point you probably would have experienced losing your grip on your favourite paddle. This normally happens at the point you're setting up for that perfect wave or charging the flats in a workout or race. Having a light firm grip is essential for an effective stroke but challenging with a wet paddle or sweating palms and overcompensating with a tight grip is the main cause for poor form and injury. 
We realised that a low cost Stand Up Paddle specific solution needed to be found so we formulated the Ocean Specific grip wax. OS grip wax has been designed to resist shedding and unlike traditional surf waxes does not need a build up of layers to be effective. Our formula includes Beeswax for its natural anti-bacterial and moisture locking properties and scented with Monoi Tiare - a Tahitian gardenia blended with coconut oil and used for centuries by the Polynesians to protect their skin from the elements during long canoe expeditions. Therefore not only will our SUP grip wax improve your grip but also help protect your hands from the challenges of performance paddling. 
P.S. Please use our products responsibly.
UK made