Strike Series V-RX Full Carbon



100% 3K Pre Preg Carbon Fibre



Leave nothing to chance. Harness the power of speed.


Crafted for speed, stability and efficiency - the Strike Series V-Rx full carbon brings you the perfect balance of these qualities for a superior paddling experience. Our double dihedral blade design promotes laminar efficiency and a more powerful, efficient stroke to minimize power loss and fatigue. Couple that with the ergonomic oval shaft and Hammer T grip and you've got direct feedback straight from the catch.


Paddle longer and stronger with increased power and speed as you propel your way through any type of water. No matter the situation, you'll have an effortless ride each and every time.


Experience the revolutionary Strike Series V-Rx full carbon now. Outpaddle the competition.

  • 500g uncut weight
  • Double dihedral enhanced sweet spot.
    The double dihedral blade is designed to decrease turbulent oxygenated compressions while increasing laminar flow. This configuration results in an improved and potent grip of the blade on the water, maximizing power and efficiency during the power phase. 

  • Oval shaft.  
    A 29/26mm diameter shaft ergonomically designed for distance comfort and tracking efficiency. 
  • 10 degree blade profile
    Achieving optimal. An angle of 10° when entering the water allows for stronger strokes, faster release and greater efficiency. Ideal for races beyond a sprint!
  • Hammer T bar grip  
    Utilised globally, the T bar is a time-honoured design that provides excellent grip, directional guidance, and control while turning, transitioning, and trimming. Its ergonomic form allows for user comfort and reliability.
  • ABS Rail  
    To reduce impact damage to paddle and rails.
  • Professional grade material.  
     100% pre -preg 3K Carbon Fibre.
  • Firm Flex Shaft
    Our Firm Flex shaft has been developed to ensure the greatest transfer of power, while simultaneously providing the user with enough flex to minimise the strain from any performance paddling. The shaft is engineered to take in the force at the beginning of the stroke, and then output it at the end for a more efficient transfer of energy. This shaft fits 95% of paddler categories and disciplines. 
  • 12 month warranty   
    Our 12 month warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. We do not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, improper storage or damage from those things.
  • ✔ Warranty coverage lasts 12 months
    ✔ Covers any material/workmanship defects
    ✔ Does not cover normal wear-and-tear or misuse