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Board Ready Burpee

If you are looking for a sport specific exercise to add to your workout or a single exercise when short on time then this is it. Needless to say getting to your feet quickly and efficiently when on the water is a must in all SUP riding styles. The Burpee simulates this and when done with intensity and short rest intervals (HIIT) can boost strength,power,balance and endurance. The Burpee has to be the King of all land based exercise.

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The Ultimate Stand Up Paddle Exercise For Shoulder Health

The Dislocate Shoulder strength and mobility are at the core of a good SUP stroke. The shoulder joint dictates everything from reach to straight arm strength but is also vulnerable to strain and inflammation if not strengthened through its full range of motion. The dislocate exercise is used as a foundation exercise for rehabilitation and injury prevention in sports where shoulder integrity is paramount by improving strength and mobility through the full natural range of motion. Add this simple but effective exercise to your workouts for bulletproof shoulders. Perform this exercise when fully warmed up or at the end of workouts/paddle outs. Do not perform this exercise if you feel any pain or discomfort and consult your physio/doctor. STEP 1  ...

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BUOY TURNS! Without question an important part of SUP racing and probably the most practiced, but you've got to get there first. Literally! What happens between the start and the first buoy determines where you place and more often than not if you win. Below is some ammo for your Stand Up Paddle Race arsenal. BIG ENGINE.        Every race starts with a finely tuned engine. Relative body strength is important for speed, agility, flexibility, mobility, power and explosiveness. Bodyweight exercises such as box jumps and burpees simulate mounting the board and should form the foundation of your interval training followed by low rep, heavy, free weight unilateral and compound lifts such as squat, deadlift and bench. Limit...

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