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5 of the best exercises to improve power and speed

The posterior chain is the driving force behind power in the stroke. The chain is comprised of the primary muscles of the back including the lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.A weakness in the chain leads to the smaller muscles over compensating for poor movement patterns and ultimately lower back ache when paddling. So before you change your technique or paddle length ensure you’re engine is firing on all cylinders.  Being able to recruit the right muscles are all important. If larger muscles don’t fire ( such as the glutes and hip flexors) the smaller muscles take up the slack and lead to problems further down the road so if you spend hours behind a desk or lack mobility in...

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Photo Contest

Win an OS SUP Surf Leash and celebrate with authentic wood fired pizza for four guests at Hot Rocks Restaurant and Cocktail Bar Bournemouth. Here is your chance to catch waves and then kick back at our favourite Surf restaurant. Hot Rocks is the place for great food, spectacular views and has been the surfers go-to venue for decades. How to enter Submit your SUP Surfing photo to: Include your name and photo location Share the contest on social media (even if you don't win you could still be one of the lucky three the winner invites). Like our Facebook page and that of our Sponsor.   Eligibility: From bumps to barrels. The contest is open to all ages and...

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