• Do you offer express delivery?

We will always get your order to you ASAP but if you need it in a hurry email us at the time of order and we will find the quickest most cost efficient way to get it to you.


  • Why do you put water temperature and air temperature on your paddle grip wax description?

    Recommended water temperature range is a universal grading system understood by surfers worldwide. The reason we add ambient air temperature is because for the flat water stand up paddler who spends very little time immersed in the water air temperature range is more relevant. 


    • Can I use it on any paddle?



    • Can I use it on my SUP board?

    Our grip wax was designed to improve paddle grip but will work equally as well on your board ( If you fancy a bit of nose riding ) and with the black colour there will be no guesswork as to where the grip is.


    • Can I leave the wax on and re-apply as needed or do I have to clean my paddle after every session?

    It's totally a personal preference. Our team do both. Sometimes preferring one thin layer for flat water training and then cleaning before the next session. Sometimes loading up for messy surf, cleaning only when necessary.


    • What's the best way to clean my paddle?

    Any good surf wax remover will do the job ( good quality make-up removal wipes from your local supermarket are an inexpensive alternative and work surprisingly well. Don't tell anyone we told you ).