Small Surf / Entry Level Racing / Foil / Open Water / Flat Water/ Touring 

Built for power, speed and durability 

Blade Size 91” (587)

The lightweight and robust SX adjustable SUP paddle is the perfect all rounder. The durable Glass Fibre composite construction needs less TLC than its performance based Carbon Fibre brother but still has the attributes of the SX design. The anti twist shaft with palm grip and mid to firm flex rating makes this paddle extremely versatile and comfortable for all sizes. 

  • 100% Glass Fibre Composite construction for lightweight durability 
  • Channeled dihedral spine for stability and increased torsional angle
  • 10 degree slim blade profile and large sweet spot for improved catch
  •  29mm diameter anti-twist shaft
  • Palm grip


The blade profile and channelled dihedral spine gives extra stability from the catch and throughout the power phase allowing you to change gears without slip.

The lightweight firm shaft provides better power transfer and a light swing weight for faster transitions and less fatigue as the miles clock up.