The HN-1 ( nicknamed the Hopu Nui - meaning great catch ) has taken the old adage of ‘the faster the craft the bigger the engine’ and updated it to complement the higher cadence style of the modern outrigger stroke. The blade profile encourages a smooth effortless entry and exit whilst the whopping 119 square inch face locks the blade for full power at high cadence without the inherent physical load issues of the classic teardrop designs. The double bend oval shaft improves feedback and tracking whilst offering the ability to ‘crank’ the power when needed. A versatile classic style blade uniquely updated for the modern outrigger Waterman.



  • Ergonomic oval shaft 
  • Double bend
  • 12 degree blade angle 
  • Professional grade 100% 3K Carbon Fibre
  • Hammer T bar handle
  • 119 (768) square inch blade 
  • Uncut weight 430g

 *Contact us for custom size requests.