R-F3 Blaze Carbon SUP Race Fin



Ocean Racing / Open Water


Ultra light Carbon Fibre

Crafted to serve multiple purposes, this SUP race fin boasts remarkable turning capabilities and tracking abilities that make it an ideal fit for ocean racing and open water paddling. Intermediate-to-advanced paddlers looking to enhance their tracking while retaining manoeuvrability can leverage the fin's surfing tip that has a longer cord close to the base, thus enabling them to achieve optimal ride, glide, and swell connectivity. With its sweeping rake and thin foil symmetry, the fin can minimize drag while its ultra-light carbon fibre construction can offer greater drive and response on turns. This fin excels in chop and ocean swell conditions and is also a great choice for open water.



Height : 248mm 

Width : 115mm

Weight: 136g

Foil:  7mm


  • Ultra-light pre-preg carbon fibre technology for unparalleled drive and response
  • Enhanced tracking, manoeuvrability and overall riding experience
  • Ideal for intermediate-to-advanced paddlers