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The STRIKE SR-2 TERE 3 piece brings versatility to the popular SR model. The full adjust-ability makes it the go to paddle for those wanting the flexibility to travel, explore, surf and race with one paddle.


Please note:

Due to feedback we have removed all height markings from our adjustables for a  more intuitive experience. With board volumes varying from brand to board we found that intermediate to advanced paddlers instinctively find their preferred height relative to ride and board style. However we fully respect and support riders of all abilities * so if you would prefer your paddle marked we can at no extra cost place a discreet mark at your preferred height.


  • Matte black lightweight 3K carbon fibre
  • 9 degree blade angle. 29mm firm flex shaft
  • ABS rails
  • Carbon palm grip
  • Fully adjustable
  • 96" (619) blade
  • Lightweight construction
  • Clean lines - no height markers *